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Service overview

How Our Services Can Benefit You (Value Proposition)

We offer services in the following areas:

  • Residential aged Care 

  • Home-based dementia care 

  • Home-based autism care 

  • Community centre care 

  • Hospital care for people with Younger Onset Dementia (YOD)  

  • Education


Our social robot enabled lifelong care system can
  • provide human-like engagement and sensory enrichment (embodied emotive expressions,  voice,  gestures, head movement)

  • interact and stimulate using a person's face and voice as well as smart devices like   phone , smart watch,  TV, touch  panel and FITBITs.

  • provide multilingual lifestyle centred services.

  • preventative and proactive care services (e.g., songs and music, games, news, quizzes, reminders, interactive storytelling, and many more).

  • monitor vital signs  and alertness services.

  • provide anytime, anywhere social connectivity  using wi-fi, LAN and smart devices

  • improve family environment and reduce carer burnout.

  • support carers  through near real-time monitoring and analytics of persons under their care   as  well as personalised  interventions.

Why Use Our Services? 



We have eight-years’ experience in service design and deployment by working directly with people with disability and our partners through our research centre (Research Centre for Computers, Communication and Social Innovation). We’ve conducted more than thirty-five field trials in residential aged care, home-based autism care,  home-based dementia care,, community centre and retirement village settings. Our multidisciplinary team of experts are recognised nationally and internationally for our work in these settings.   


Strong industry, community and client engagement 

We've a history of innovative partnerships with businesses and organisations, achieving valuable research and consultancy outcomes.  As a result, we are attuned to the changing needs of organisations, whether corporate, government or not-for-profit.

Social innovation services

One of our key values is our services should ideally benefit the community and society, as well as individuals. Our approach blends social science perspectives and Information Communication Technologies (ICTs) to design for social innovation and sustainability. 

Global focus

We take a worldview to solving problems and addressing challenges. Our partnerships with our local and global partners have helped us to integrate multi-cultural perspective and design multi-lingual services.

Key services for our customers
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