Introducing Matlda - our flagship, innovative, human-centred solution

Matlda brings fun into the lives of the older people 


Matlda provides entertainment and engagement  to aged care residents -- helping to provide support to care staff, while increasing the emotional wellbeing of the older people.  Find out more about Matlda

Matlda provides entertainment and learning for children and adults with autism and disabilities


Matlda is designed to tell stories, play quizzes and games, sing engagingly to favourite music and joke telling to help entertain those with autism with therapeutic and learning support. Find out more about Matlda

Matlda helps reduce social isolation through home based dementia care


Matlda helps dementia suffers keep in touch with loved ones and carers by initiating video or audio calls. Find out more about Matlda

There was a distinct improvement in mood when the residents interacted with Matlda, assisting in dealing with depression and anxiety... with our high care Nursing Home residents, where Matlda was dancing and singing and generally entertaining them.
Comment from nursing home manager and lifestyle coordinator

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